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Taos, New Mexico

The Town of Taos was incorporated as a general law municipality on May 7, 1934.
It has a Mayor/Council form of government, along with an appointed Town Manager to manage the affairs of the Town.
“Taos is a community with deep historical roots and strong multicultural identity. It represents three distinct ethnic traditions that collectively created and now mutually sustains its rich cultural life. Hispanic and Anglo settlers and influences date back 300 years, and the Pueblo people trace their continuing life in an area hallowed to them a thousand years prior to that. Each shares a common heritage of proud independence, strong family commitment and a sense of self-reliance that believes in “taking care of their own.” Taos is blessed with an environment of singular beauty in its mountains; rivers, forest and sweeping high desert vistas that have inspired painters and poets for hundreds of years. Each year, Taos draws visitors from all over the world who come to discover a resonance with the beauty of the land and its people.
       Taos has long been a center of artistic activity and accomplishment. It has many galleries that show the work of local artists, as well as cultural and historical museums. The climate is inviting in every season, from winter activities highlighted by the world-famous slopes of Taos Ski Valley and surrounding areas, to the seemingly limitless summer recreational activities provided by the many rivers, lakes, mountains, public forests, and wilderness areas.
The citizens of Taos have a community involvement in matters of mutual concern. In the background of all our work and lives is Taos Mountain. Sacred to Native peoples for thousands of years, the mountain is more than a symbol of majesty. To everyone who lives here, it gives strength and is a constant reminder to be thankful for all God has given us.”

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We best served Christ by loving all!