First Presbyterian Church of Taos

We best serve Christ by loving all!


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The first Presbyterian Church of Taos
was first organized in 1872

To be a church that loves and serves all people

We are the church; we are the body of Christ, so…
We worship him
          In joy-filled proclamation of his word
          In music that both comforts and inspires
          In varieties of worship gatherings
          Always around a table where all are welcome

We learn more about him
          In studying scripture to inform and mature our faith
          In spiritual education for young though not so young
In equipping all to do the work of Christ
In providing lifelong teaching/learning/fellowship opportunities

We follow him
          In demonstrating the liberating power of the Gospel in our life each day
In feeding, clothing, comforting and healing any in need; locally and globally
In welcoming with love the stranger, the lonely and the bereaved
In providing a meeting place of caring and acceptance for our greater Taos community

          We best serve Christ by loving all!

First Presbyterian Church of Taos​
We best served Christ by loving all!